Update The Chrome Browser 

Chrome browser, one of the best application of the Google. It has a good number of the users. Some users face difficulties while using the Google Chrome, problems like- slow speed of the browser, chrome stuck at the particular position, chrome not opening etc.


One of the possible reasons behind this issue might be the old version of the chrome. These type of problems can be solved by updating the chrome browser. Get the details of the Chrome browser, This article shares the step by step points to do the same on different devices. 

On Desktop- To update the Chrome browser on the desktop, simply open the chrome browser by double-clicking on the chrome icon. After opening the browser, click on the menu option of the browser given at the right-hand side top corner. If the menu icon is in red, green, or in yellow color, means an update is available. 

If you are not able to recognize this, simply click on the Help option given at the bottom of the drop-down menu. 

As soon as you click on the Help option, a new window will appear on the screen. On this new window, click on About Google Chrome option. After hitting the option, downloading of the browser will start. Wait for the downloading process to get complete, follow the on-screen instruction to complete the installation process. 

After the installation of the Chrome, restart the computer. Now you are available with the latest version of the chrome. 

On Android- To update the Firefox customer service on the Android, open the play store. After opening the play store, open the menu of the play store, its icon is given at left-hand side top corner. After opening the menu, the various options will appear on the screen, select My Apps and Games option. 

Under this option, Chrome option will appear, tap on the update button given in front of the Chrome option if you encounter any problem our Google Chrome Support

On iPhone- To update the chrome browser on the iPhone, open the iPhones App store. After opening the App store, the option of updates will appear on the screen, it is given at the right-hand side bottom corner. To update the chrome, simply click on the update option given in front of the Chrome browser. 

After hitting the update button, a new window will on the screen asking for the Apple ID and password. Fill the desired options, downloading will start automatically. Now you are available for the latest version of the Google Chrome, restart the device to use it. if you want to update safari browser you can visit Safari Customer Support